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A New Vimond Think Piece

We´re going to ban the phrase “white paper” henceforth from the Vimond lexicon. White paper sounds so dry and formal. By Kelly Moulton and Kristian Bruarøy ... Read story
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About Vimond - a Founder´s Perspective

by Andreas Helland Who are we? Vimond is a Norwegian video software company that delivers solutions to all media companies moving into the OTT space. Through our background in broadcast, combining tec... Read story

Oxagile Partners with Vimond to Offer Highly Modular, Extensible, and Tailored OTT Solutions

Vimond, a video content management and distribution platform provider, and Oxagile, a video software developer, announce their partnership aimed at serving Media, Broadcast and dedicated OTT provider... Read story

How to get more out of NAB

For many of us, NAB is a company-funded, industry mandated trip, but how do you really spend your time and what do you do to maximize your experience?    ... Read story
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Introducing Replay

An open source React video player with advanced streaming support.... Read story
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Kayo Sport Reaches 100,000 Subscribers

Dubbed the “Netflix of Sports”, Kayo Sports is a multi-sport streaming service with over 50 sports instantly streamed in Australia.... Read story
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About The Vimond Platform - Top Level Description

Vimond offers an end to end platform for delivery of video content - used by broadcasters, distributors and content owners around the world to efficiently manage their online live video and VOD servic... Read story
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How blockchain will effect the media industry

by Kelly Moulton, Vimond Marketing ... Read story
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Getting To Know Your Customers

You think you know your customers, don´t you? I mean, you speak to them all the time, right?But do you really?... Read story

Vimond CloseUp: The maturing OTT market

by Kelly Moulton Matias Høibraaten and I sat down last week to discuss what he is hearing and seeing in the marketplace. Matias is Vimond´s sales manager for Europe and as such he is often meeting wit... Read story