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Vimond IO 1. July 2019

Cloud-based Video Editing and its Advantages

  Vimond IO is a cloud native frame accurate highlights and video editing solution. ... Read story
apple-blur-close-up-526895 11. June 2019

Vimonders about streaming and how it is changing traditional broadcast

Broadcasters are being forced to adapt to the rapidly changing market of video consumption moving away from linear TV towards video on demand — streaming. Working in media tech offering OTT solutions ... Read story
Broadcast 4. June 2019

Broadcast is changing — this is how Vimond approached the new world of TV

The OTT industry is a rapidly changing market. As a video streaming technology provider for this growing industry we saw a need to look differently at how we attack the challenges toward a bigger OTT ... Read story
CT-cover 24. May 2019

Christy Tanner about CBS News Digital — a live news service

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with my friend Christy Tanner for a podcast session — she was in NY and I was in Bergen. ... Read story
Untitled Design-2 23. April 2019

A New Vimond Think Piece

We´re going to ban the phrase “white paper” henceforth from the Vimond lexicon. White paper sounds so dry and formal. By Kelly Moulton and Kristian Bruarøy ... Read story
ott timeline 17. April 2019

About Vimond - a Founder´s Perspective

by Andreas Helland Who are we? Vimond is a Norwegian video software company that delivers solutions to all media companies moving into the OTT space. Through our background in broadcast, combining tec... Read story