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About The Vimond Platform - Top Level Description

Vimond offers an end to end platform for delivery of video content - used by broadcasters, distributors and content owners around the world to efficiently manage their online live video and VOD servic... Read story

How blockchain will effect the media industry

by Kelly Moulton, Vimond Marketing ... Read story

Understanding Blockchain and Monetization for the Media Industry

by Kelly Moulton, Vimond Marketing & Jacobo Toll Messia, Founder and CEO, (and former Vimonder). ... Read story

Head in The Cloud

Moving On Up Advantages of new cloud-based video post-production for online broadcast By Jim SchoenburgVP of sales - North America “My audience expects broadcast quality content online, anywhere in th... Read story
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Getting To Know Your Customers

You think you know your customers, don´t you? I mean, you speak to them all the time, right?But do you really?... Read story

Flying.  Systems from Above.

By Stein Erik Sørhaug.  Perhaps no action in my life has affected my perspective on systems more than flying in a small plane as a kid.  Up in our Beechcraft Sundowner and our Piper Cheroke... Read story