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Storytelling by a Pro

Photo by Anna Isabella Sveinsson, Silvereye Pictures I have had the pleasure of working as a mentor to Melanie Burford, Pulitzer prize winning photographer, at Mediekuben for over a year now... Read story

Why can’t traditional content recommendation engines just get it right?

The average OTT or SVOD viewer spends almost an equal amount of time on content discovery as they do actually watching their chosen content. This is still true, even when the service is using a recomm... Read story

Being a Trainee in Vimond

Vimonders Per-Øystein Zachariassen (left) and Matteo Remo Luzzi (right) Photo by Anna Isabella Sveinsson, Silvereye Pictures Coming fresh out of the university I was excited about getti... Read story
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The Birth of Vimond - Pilot Podcast Episode

Kristian Bruarøy, now CEO of Bridj, was part of the founding team of the world's first OTT service for a national broadcaster. This story begins with a small team of pioneers who started streamin... Read story