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The Birth of Vimond - Pilot Podcast Episode

Kristian Bruarøy, now CEO of Bridj, was part of the founding team of the world's first OTT service for a national broadcaster. This story begins with a small team of pioneers who started streamin... Read story
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STREAMING LIVE VIDEO - A lot more complicated than you’d think.

You’ve invested in costly sports rights, and now you want to monetize them by offering live events to fans using a subscriber-based streaming service. How difficult can it be? The Basics The basics of... Read story

Cloudy Skies Ahead

Video editing in the cloud and web based workflows are here and are not going anywhere. If anything, like the evolution of the floppy disk to flash drive to cloud - it’s getting easier and better ever... Read story

Voices in Vimond: Bente Pettersen, Chief Human Resources Officer

Bente PettersenChief Human Resources Officer   What was it that initially inspired you to pursue a career in recruiting and, ultimately, Human Resources with Vimond? I love sales, people, and bei... Read story

When Your Office is a War Zone

When Your Office is a War Zone Breaking news. Exclusive interviews. Live transmissions from elections, catastrophes and sports events. In television, what we see on the screen is only the tip of ... Read story

The Story of Vimond

I work part-time for Vimond as a sales and marketing man. Vimond is a platform that powers OTT experiences for leading brands around the world, from to ... Read story